Superior Small Engine Worx LLC Menu

  • Tune Up - includes basic parts and supplies
  • Push Mowers
    Change oil (1 qrt) / Change air filter / Change spark plug / Sharpen blade / Clean deck
  • Riding Mower / Zero Turn
    Change Oil & Filter (2 qrts) / Change air filter (1 filter, lowest cost) / Change spark plugs / Sharpen blades / Grease mower lubrication points / Adjust air pressure in tires / Level mower deck / Inspect belts over transmission & deck / Clean mower deck
  • Zero Turn Hydraulic
    Fluid and Filter Change
  • Snowblower
    Change engine oil/Change spark plug/Flush fuel system (inspect tank, replace fuel lines and fuel filter)/Clean carburetor/Lubricate drive system, cables, pivot points, auger and gear box/Inspect belts, pulleys, paddles, scraper bar and adjust skid shoes/Check tire pressure

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